Beginning of Blogging

Happy Birthday Practically Pastries!

Welcome to Practically Pastries!! I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to finally be starting this journey! Last New Years, starting a blog was at the top of my New Years Resolution List, but I could never just take that step of putting myself out there for the world. However, I’ve decided that I will put my big girl pants on and start this blog! So, here we go!


Practically Pastries is a lifestyle blog and my personal journey of finding a balanced, beautiful, and healthy life. I’m the type of person who needs motivation in my life and I have a hard time finding motivation for myself, but through this blog I will stay accountable and share my daily workout routines, healthy recipes and eating habits, as well as my life in general. I am not at all a fitness expert in any sense of the way, but I’m ready to start this incredible journey of healthy living!

So follow me through my blog adventure and finding a life that is practically as good as a pastry!


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