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Friday Funnel Cakes with a Splash of Hot Chocolate

Good Morning!! I hope all of you have a wonderful Saturday planned filled with holiday spirit! Friday was a busy day so I’m going to do a quick recap of it!

After class Friday morning, I got in an awesome 60 minute hybrid cycling class. For thirty minutes, the class is on the bike and for the other thirty minutes, the class is off the bike doing strength training exercises. It kicked my butt, and I’m sore today from it, which I love, because for me the soreness is a constant reminder that I did my best.

I came back to my parents house, who don’t live to far from me, after the class and my boyfriend and I proceeded to help my mom put up her Christmas decorations outside and blast Christmas music. If that doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit I just don’t know what will.

Later that night my parents, boyfriend, and I went out for dinner and headed to the Bethlehem Walk, which is basically a life-size recreation of the city of Bethlehem during the time the Jesus. It’s put on by a local church every year, but they only do it one weekend in December, which makes it more challenging to get to since there are always a million things going on every weekend this time of year. But we thought we would take last night as an opportunity to go, but when we got there the line was more than an hour wait. My family isn’t big fans of waiting in long lines, for long periods of time, in the cold. So, my dad and boyfriend went to get us funnel cakes and hot chocolate, which we ate in the car and headed home. I was a little bummed we never got to go in though. It’s such an awesome experience, so if you ever get the chance, definitely go.

Now, just because I am now blogging every aspect of what I eat, doesn’t mean I am going to leave out anything unhealthy that I also eat. It’s okay to indulge yourself occasionally in a bad food as long as you keep it under control and eat a small portion size. It is all about how much you eat and I will do a whole other post regarding portion sizes soon.

So, lets get on to the eating habits of the day!


– Naked Juice— Power-C Machine. I had never tried this flavor before and of course I loved it just as much as the rest. This was packed full of vitamin C and would be great if you are ever feeling a cold coming on or a little under the weather!


-Saladworks— Bentley Salad. Full of iceberg lettuce, turkey, ham, egg, tomatoes (which I don’t get because tomatoes just aren’t my thing!), swiss cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. IT was so refreshing after my cycling class and if you haven’t been to Saladworks, I definitely recommend it! It is on the more expensive side, but the salads are huge and yummy.


– Boathouse— Wedge Salad and Twin Chicken Breast with mashed potatoes and asparagus. I have to say that I was really unimpressed with my meal here. The chicken was cold and really spicy when it came out and how hard is it really to mess up grilled chicken. However, the manager was great and not only took it off our bill, but gave me a gift card for another meal when I return. So, maybe I will try something else next time.


Funnel Cake and Hot Chocolate! The best thing ever, but only ate a small portion of it and only drank around half of my hot chocolate.

I hope all of y’all had great Fridays and it continues into an even better Saturday!

Thanks for reading! Xx


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