Just Making it Through Monday

Hey! Hi! Hello! I hope you all are having great Mondays..well as great as they can get! I decided I needed a study break from finals and I was ready to do some blogging to make this Monday a little better!


Wishing more then anything that I could be knee deep in the water in Labadee…


…But instead I’m knee deep in calculus, marketing, economics, accounting, and three cups of coffee ! So much fun!

This morning I knocked out my first final of the semester, Calculus (ew). Now, only three more to go! Break is so close, yet so far!

Right after I finished my exam I needed to go and workout! My brain was completely dead and my body desperately needed a pick-me-up. So, I knocked out a 3 mile run! Non-stop. That may not sound like much, but I can’t remember the last time I ran that long without stopping. I honestly wasn’t even sure if I could do it.

I also threw in some leg day workouts.

— 12 squats with a 10lb medicine ball (4x)

— 12 One-legged Bench Squat (4x)

— 12 “Inner Thigh Killer” Machine (At least that’s what I call it!)

And finished off with a great stretch, which was wonderful!

Guess what else was checked off my To-Do list today? Going to the grocery store! Finally! I didn’t get much since I only have a couple more days at my house in Richmond before going back to my parents for break, but I got enough to make it through this week! So, lets get into what I have eaten so far today!


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. I needed something quick, but filling to get me through my exam and this did just the trick!


– Ham Sandwich from Martins and a serving size of Pretzel Crisps. I picked both of these up at the grocery store and I was almost dying without my Pretzel Crisps. They are always my go-to snack. Filling and not terrible for you.

That’s all for what I have eaten today, but now I have some exciting news!! Now that it is official I can finally blog about it!!

#1: I’ve decided to start a series call Food Friday! Every Friday stop by to hear about the new recipe for the week! (Not the most exciting news, though!)

#2: I’ve officially signed up to run my first 8k Marathon! It’s not until April, but I am registered and ready to go! After a lot of research, I’ve decided I’m going to follow Hal Higdons 8 Week Training Program. So, I will start in February and I will obviously be blogging every step of the way! I am hoping this will be a stepping stone to longer marathons and hopefully, one day, a Half Marathon! I just had to share the news and I’m so excited to complete this goal!

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading! Xx


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