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Fine. I’ll try food prepping.

Happy Tuesday and happy first day of classes for many college students! Hopefully everyone’s starting off this semester on the right foot even if it is absolutely freezing outside!!

So, yesterday in order to start off my semester strong, I figured I would try something to stay focused and strong in my healthy lifestyle. For the first time, I thought I would give food prepping a try. I had always thought that food prepping was really unrealistic for me since I’m on the go so much and in a way I still do, but I decided to start off small and just make a salad for everyday of the week. I know I eat at least one meal, whether it is lunch or dinner, at home everyday, so I decided to make that one meal a salad. I thought about giving food prepping a try, because I think it will stop me from reaching for something unhealthy that’s quick to grab. Instead, the salads will be quick to grab and ready to eat already!

So, lets talk about how I made the salads and what yummy ingredients I used and why!

I started off with a pack of Dole Romaine Lettuce and I planned on only making four salads since it was already Monday. This pack made four small salads, but next week when I go to make five I will definitely either get another bag of this or a larger bag. I also got this 5 pack of plastic containers for only $1.99 at Martins and they worked perfectly. I have also heard that using mason jars also makes a good way to store a salad and they are great for carrying in a lunch or on the go!


The first veggie I used obviously had to be my favorite! I got one large cucumber and it was perfect for putting a few in each salad. Then I saved the other half for a quick snack during the week or to put in some water.


Next I sliced up half of a pear and a little in each of the salads. Pears are high in fiber and also help to keep you staying full longer! If you are not a fan of pears, you could also try apples.


Next, I chopped up some almonds and added those as a topping. They are an easy source of protein, but make sure they are not glazed and salted, because that adds more sugar and actually makes them more of an unhealthy snack.


My final topping was chia seeds! I have heard so much about them and how awesome they are for weight loss. They are practically tasteless and although they came in a rather large size, you can add them to just about anything! Smoothies, tea, salads, whatever your heart desires.


I plan to finish off with some hard boiled eggs and a pinch of cheese right before I go to eat it and pour a tiny bit of balsamic vinaigrette dressing on top. Remember that the dressing you choose to put on your salads are what ultimately end up doing more harm then good. Don’t reach for a creamy dressing like ranch and try something lighter like balsamic vinaigrette! I’ll keep you filled in on how everything tastes!

Thanks for reading! Xx


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