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Things I’m Loving Thursday!

Don’t worry everyone, we’ve almost made it to Friday! If you’re in Virginia or just slightly north of here, I hope you’re preparing for a blizzard and stocking up on all the milk and bread that’s left in the grocery store! Currently here in Richmond, we are in the 8-12in. range and secretly I’m dreading it! Now don’t get me wrong, I think snow is beautiful and fun to ski in, but when it’s preventing me from driving places and interfering with plans, I suddenly become not a huge fan.

Okay! So, here comes another one of my ideas I’ve been planning on doing for the blog and I’m so excited to finally start it! Every Thursday I’ll be making a post about things I’m loving lately and share it with you all! So, don’t get too excited now, but here we go!

#1: Kate Spade Planner and Ello Water Bottle

It hasn’t even been a full week of classes yet and I’ve already used my planner far more than I feel I should be! I have to write everything down or I will without a doubt forget about something. Plus, I just really like to stay organized! My Ello water bottle is from Target and I’m obsessed with it! It’s a glass bottle and if you put a little fruit in it, it will have you feeling like it’s summer time already! (We can only wish!)


#2 Naked Drinks

If any of you have read my posts in the past, you know how much I love my Naked Drinks! I drink one almost every morning and I always continue to find a new flavor to love. There’s a flavor for everyone!


#3 Once Upon a Hood Fluffy Coat and Paige Jeans

I got both of these for Christmas and instantly fell in love! At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear the coat for a while since we went through such a warm spell in December, but I spoke way too soon! January came and the first cold day I put this on and it kept me so warm. The jeans are from Nordstrom and If you are annoyingly short, like me (I know the pain), these jeans fit me perfectly in length! I’ve never liked a pair of jeans more!


#4 Carven Perfume

I’ve been using the same kind of perfume for the past year, so when I got this for Christmas, it was perfect! I love the scent it gives off and the beautiful bottle, of course.


#5 Elephant Jammies (Similar Set Here)

Since it’s gotten so cold out recently, there’s nothing I love more then my matching pajamas! They are cotton and so warm. I get a lot of my pajamas from Victoria Secret, but this particular set I got at TJMaxx and haven’t seen them in there since.


Thanks for reading! Xx



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