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Snow Covered

Happy Monday Everyone! And this week I really mean it! Richmond got around 15in. of snow throughout Friday and Saturday, so it has been a four day weekend for all the students around here! Even though the roads still aren’t too great, we will be having class tomorrow unless they decided to cancel them in the morning, unfortunately. Needless to say no workouts have gotten done over the weekend and eating habits have been less then fantastic, but heres a quick recap of my weekend being snowed in!


If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen this picture! But we decided to hop in the hot tub for a little while while it was still snowing on Saturday! It was like a blizzard, but the hot tub was amazing!


It was only around 12pm on Saturday when the two pictures above were taken and it didn’t stop snowing until 10pm that night!


Hot chocolate was a must at some point over the weekend!


I don’t really get along with snow very well. Clearly, it’s even difficult to take a picture in it for me!!


That’s all the snow we finally got! As much as I have loved having the last couple of days off and as pretty as the snow has been, I’m ready for it to go! I could never imagine living somewhere where this amount of snow is a regular occurrence! The last time we had close to this much snow was apparently 20 years ago and I was just a baby, but I’m ready for this snow to melt and maybe I’ll be ready for more in another 20 years!

Stay warm and thanks for reading! Xx


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