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I’m back at it!

Hey! Hey! Hope y’all are having a great Tuesday and keep pushing through the week and through the snow that never seems to be melting! I was finally able to kick my own butt all the way to the gym this morning and I slipped plenty of times on ice the whole way there. I figured I would share my workout for the day with all of you, but first I just wanted to rave about my amazingly, awesome roommate Haley Kurtze! She’s practically a style icon and if you haven’t checked out her new blog/portfolio you are missing out!

Okay! Lets get on with the workout!


My hike to the gym!!

So, I started off with a 2 mile run and it took me about 25 min. My goal is to try to get that time down to 20 minutes and be running 10 minute miles by the time my 10k comes along! I walked until I had been working for 30 minutes total and thats probably my favorite part of my entire workout! Not just because I finally don’t have to run anymore, but because I feel that runners “high” that everyone talks about! It makes me feel good from inside out!


After my cardio, I focused on legs for the day!

  • 15 Squats with 20lb Medicine Ball– 4X
  • 12 Leg Presses with Machine — 4X (per leg)
  • 12 “Donkey Kicks” with Glute Straps — 4X (per leg)
  • 15 min. Stair Master (Seriously kicks my butt every time)

That’s it for the workout today! Off to Lil’ Mexico for dinner… I’ll try to avoid queso, but no promises!

Thanks for reading! Xx


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