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Things I’m Loving Thursday!

Hi, everyone! Guess what?! It’s almost Friday!! I hope you all have some awesome plans ready for this weekend. Sorry I was M.I.A. yesterday! It was my first day back to classes and I just had so much school work to do! So, before I start with my favorite things this week, I’ll just recap my workout from yesterday.

I finally got my roommates to come to Flow Cycle Studio with me yesterday to a 60 min. Flow Fit class! It’s a combination of strength training exercises and cycling and it literally kills me every time I go. It’s such a great workout and it’s a ton of fun!


#1 Bentley Salad, Saladworks

After our workout there was no question that we were going to Saladworks, which starts off the things I’m loving this week! I got the Bentley Salad, which is filled with iceberg lettuce, turkey, ham, eggs, cheese, and tomatos (of course, I got cucumber instead of tomato’s, since they aren’t really my thing.) To top it off I got Light Raspberry Vinaigrette!


#2 Pretty Straws!

Okay, I know this is probably dumb, but I seriously love all the decorative straws I’ve been seeing lately! I bought these in the dollar section at Target where I got a little carried away (who doesn’t) and had to buy three packs, but I really did NEED them! I got Valentine’s Day colors, so we can at least have one holiday that we are kind of decorated for (plus pink’s my favorite color!)


Just look at how cute they look sitting on our counter!

#3 Energy

If you ask anyone, especially Sammy or my roommates, they will tell you that I never take naps and you can typically find me in bed by 10pm most nights. But a couple of weeks ago I started taking One-A-Day Women’s Multi-Vitamin Gummies and Nature’s Bounty B-12 Vitamin and all this week I have just had so much energy and have been staying up so much later then usual! With my new found energy maybe I can finally be a normal college student! I’m not sure if I can completely give all the credit to this vitamin for keeping me energized, but for now I’m going to stick with this for being my reasoning.


#4 Contagious and French Women Don’t Get Fat

I got both of these book recommendations from The Skinny Confidential! She’s seriously the best and Haley and I almost died the other night when she replied to us on Snapchat! If you can’t tell from the cover, Contagious is all about why things catch on and since I’m a Marketing major and for the benefit of Practically Pastries, I figured it would be a great read. When I finish it I will definitely let y’all know how it is! French Women Don’t Get Fat is basically about Mireille Guiliano and her move from France to the U.S. and how she kept her “French Girl” phasic. It also include great recipes and Chapter 9 is about my two favorite thing, Bread and Chocolate.


Plus the quote on the back basically describes my life!


Well, I’m off with Maddie and Haley for a “late night” gym session! It’s arm day, because after cycling my legs definitely need a break! Check in tomorrow for Food Friday! I’ve got an awesome new recipe for all of you!

Thanks for reading! Xx


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